Good times together


The time I spent with you always has a wing. It flies and quickly become a memory, a painful memory. After I meet you, I always wish I didn’t meet you. I regret I would always have joyful hope to meet you if I hadn’t already met you. I prefer the excitement of meeting you rather than pinching memory left after meeting you. It is just like a sunrise we watched together. Just before the sunrise and while the sun is rising we didn’t notice how much chilling the coldness was. We didn’t notice it until the sun was far from the horizon. As soon as we noticed that we started feeling cold. While we were together we didn’t notice how much good memories we were making at that moment but as soon as we departed to our respective destinations, we came to know how precious thos e moments were. The severity of the pain caused by those memories are always proportionate to the good times we spent together. The pain I am feeling right now is quite severe. Still I wish to capture such memories many more.. 


Random thought

(There is so many way of seeing and explaining our own life. Following passage is also one of them. By saying all these thing I don’t mean to promote pessimism)

Why are we supposed to do so many things in life ? and what for?

When mother conceives us the countdown starts. The countdown of our predestined death. Every people with the minimum level of sanity know that once we are born we die ultimately. Death is what people always seek to avoid but they couldn’t.

We all have our full lifespan right before our mother conceives us. since then every fraction of passing time deducts our lifespan. When Mother gives birth to baby she is happy, the whole family is happy. Those moment everyone celebrates being unaware to the fact that they just let another person die. If they didn’t give birth to that baby he would never die. And now he/she is going to die because he/she has been born.

Every year on that same day we celebrate our Birthday. We slice a cake . host is happy and participants too. But we just don’t seem to worry about the fact that my life span has been deducted by another 1-year.

As the time passes we do so many things in the name of living. We get educated, do hard work to earn money, love each other, hate each other, compete to each other, deceive each other and so on. no matter what we do in the name of living we are not going to live forever. Not only poor people die but rich people too, the famous people, genius people, good people, bad people, religious people no one has become victorious over death.

 Sometime when I think about the ultimate destination of our life everything we do on the course of journey seems so funny. Don’t you think so? So confused what all this fuss is about? Whatever we do, it just seems like preparing yourself for death. Instead of asking someone how are you doing? I bound to ask how is going your preparation to death?

Are we really doing theses so many things just to die? Or is there something else beyond death too?

We die. and that moment can be the very moment we might be working hard, or planning something to do,  enjoying, travelling, sleeping, eating, talking, praying etc. leaving everything behind.

Then why are we supposed to do so many things in life ? and what for?